About Takaful
About TakafulPak
Takaful is a fast growing concept nowadays in Pakistan, because it is a Halal alternative of conventional insurance designed within the boundaries of Islamic Laws. This is much appealing for Pakistani Nation. The increased number of people having Takaful Plans day by day is its live proof.

We at TakafulPak provide best possible consultancy for Individual Family Takaful Products in Pakistan. We at www.takafulpak.com provide our valued fellow citizens best possible consultation regarding their Future Financial Challenges, so they may relax about them through a disciplined savings in a system that works under the boundary of Islamic Laws. We do it by many means i.e. Telephone, Email or by pre-decided Online Chat in order to serve you better.

All Pakistanis that lives here in Pakistan or abroad in any part of the world are eligible to get the Takaful membership.

Our vision is to support every positive step towards absolute Islamic Financial System in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Our mission is to provide best possible consultancy to all Pakistanis about Family Takaful Products, as this is an essential and basic need of every family to have a secure financial future.